“Antoris” is a team of professionals whose activities in the field of human resources dates back to 2000. Over the years we delivered our services with highest professional standards for quality and have managed to build lasting partner relationships with both our clients and the candidates.

Our objective is to make our clients and candidates competitive participants in the dynamic market. Based on the client’s needs “Antoris” managed to establish four basic pillars upon which it develops and delivers its services. They comprise of efficient and modern staff selection and recruitment system, education and development, accounting services and marketing that represent a holistic innovative approach that enables us to be ahead of the current established practices of outsourcing and recruitment.

For us the clients always come first. Strong bonds with our partners and our authenticity is what makes us successful. We value team work, dedication to quality and delivering the best services with utmost commitment and passion.

As a company we are strong believers in human potential and the growth potential of companies. We continuously invest in development and innovation which is reflected in our activities. Our team works with some of the best companies on the market and a multitude of talented people with whom they create innovative solutions and opportunities.

The long-term relationships and loyalty we have with our clients is a result of our approach of respect, integrity and dedication to quality. We always strive for the best. Our goal is to provide the best practices that are tested and most efficient for our clients. Through our developed four pillar system of integrated services our clients will always be a step ahead of the competition. Our long-term aim is together with our clients to continuously challenge ourselves to improve and innovate.