Accounting Services


Your documents in our care. In today’s fast-paced and dynamic working environment, flexibility and timely responses to changes are key to success. Antoris helps its clients face these challenges by managing their accounting records, directs and guides them towards development, innovation, investment and greater profits. Our employees take on the responsibility of delivering documents to and from our clients’ facilities with the sole purpose of saving time to our clients. In addition to offering professional bookkeeping our team offers solutions for avoidance of risks associated with payments of fines and penalties.

Business services – when our clients decides on developing a business idea we are there to guide, direct and assist in establishing the business as well as everyday management. We assist the clients with development of a business plan, provision of official financial and legal information on other similar businesses operating in the market, support with decisions regarding legal and tax regulations affecting the future enterprise, registration of the business with the appropriate institutions, selection of banks and opening of a banking accounts, logistical and administrative support, registering new employees with the appropriate institutions etc.

Tax advice – our experienced tax consultants will assists in development of strategies to maximally use the available tax breaks and answer all queries related to capital gains tax, VAT, and personal income tax. In more complex situations our consultants can assist in minimizing tax payments of the new entity in accordance with existing legal requirements. Special attention will be placed on avoidance of incurring additional payments, fines and interests towards public institutions as well as negative references and other hidden inconsistencies.

Electronic accounting services – we offer daily bookkeeping, expense analysis, depreciation of basic assets, cash management, managing ongoing tax and commercial obligations, preparing annual financial reports. In addition to electronic bookkeeping we take on the responsibility for delivering and receiving hard copies of all documentation in person.

Incoming and outgoing documents and financial reports – we offer ability to revise prepared invoices, their accuracy related with legal requirements, VAT calculations, preparing payments of invoices, quick and efficient management of request made by suppliers and customers, efficient management of deadlines, constant tracking of all bank statements and regularly and timely addressing of all requirements. All financial reports are delivered within the designated deadlines in concise formats and include all demands and obligations, interest and expenses for performed operations.

Public procurements – our services and solutions cover all aspects of the public procurement process as stipulated by the issuing authority. We offer assistance to companies interested in participating in international tenders as well as organizing internal procurement departments for organizations. With regard to public procurements we offer our clients preparation of tender documentation, technical specification, pre-evaluation of offers, preparation of policies and procedures for public procurements, preparation of project proposals and implementation of grant contracts for cross-border cooperation, etc.