Education And Development

Human Resource consulting

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – we provide multitude of solutions in managing the recruitment process that enables our clients to focus on their core business. The RPO service is the most advanced level of partnership that we provide through consultancy services in the area of human resources which includes interventions, testing candidates’ abilities and preferences, personality tests and advising future candidates in order to provide a perfect match between the client’s expectations and the candidates preferences. Our expert teams work in conjunction with and as an extension of the HR departments of our clients offering a centralized model in which we are the sole provider of all their needs from project support to complex holistic solutions.

Testing of candidates and employees – we use tailored psychological measuring instruments to evaluate candidate’s abilities and personal characteristics. The tests we use are internationally recognized and proven to be successful in obtaining relevant information of the candidate’s personality, his/hers work performance, as well as his/hers ability to adjust to the culture and working environment of the client’s organization. Antoris has at its disposal a variety of standardized tests that are combined and modelled according to the client’s needs.

Hogan - Hogan is an internationally recognized authority in personality assessment and consulting. Our Select, Develop and Lead report packages are an integrated system of scientifically recognized instruments specially developed to assist companies and organizations in efficient management of human resource capital and retention of talented employees. Antoris offers these advanced report packages which guarantee objective assessment of the candidate’s characteristics.

Assessment Centres – this is a modern approach that is used in the process of selecting the most suitable candidates when there are multiple applicants for a single opening. It provides varied information on the ability of the candidates to perform the task he/she will face on the job. Candidates are observed and tested in several individual and group settings and exercises designed according to characteristics and behaviour necessary for successful completion of tasks related to the post in the organization. The client receives a detailed report on each candidate attending these exercises. Each assessment is structured taking into consideration the client’s needs, professional and organizational level of the position within the client’s organization.

Development Centre – it is an approach used to detect and chart employees’ abilities within the organization and defining and designing measurable and personalized plans for development. The Centre is an efficient tool among other for identifying, support and development of organization’s internal talents and developing employees’ managerial and leadership skills. The employees are observed in several individual and group settings based on individual competences and actions. The results of the observation provide realistic assessment of the individual’s compatibility and contribution in realizing the goals of the organization which are compiled in a detailed report provided to the client.

360 Feedback – this is an efficient technique and strategic instrument which provides a complete picture of work performances within an organization. It is designed for personal development of individuals. Through obtaining information from multiple sources this approach provides insight into how the competences of the candidates are perceived in the work environment. It is an objective way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and can be used in designing strategies for increase of work efficiency. Every candidate participating in this assessment receives individual report containing basic level of assessment, average grades of individuals competences, detailed statistics of competences, comparative analysis and personal assessment.

Solutions for recruitment of collaborators

Executive search – our experienced consultants source for our clients mid to senior level of management staff and key personnel within the client’s organization. Our extensive database and direct contacts with industry professionals enables our consultants to confidentially approach potential candidates for our clients recruitment needs.

Permanent placement – this service consists of recruitment, selection and recommendation of candidates required to posses high level of professionalism and expertise in order to permanently fill in a position within our clients’ organization. In order profile and select highly qualified candidates we pre-filter applications, test, interview, conduct due diligence and checks of recommendations, evaluations and guidance and preparation of candidates for the future position with the organization.

Mass recruitment – it is a service designed for recruitment, filtering and selection of large number of candidates required for a short engagement with our clients. It is a service designed mostly for clients that are new to the market but can also be used by legacy companies interested in introducing innovations in their established core business such as a new department or market offering. Antoris provides mass recruitment service for large project in various industries such as IT, telecommunications as well as solutions for manufacturing, administrative and general labourer requirements.