A company’s brand is not only associated with the products and services it offers, it is also associated with the quality and character an employer possesses regarding its employees and partners. These qualities are what separates a company from its competitors, makes it a desirable place for candidates to work for, future partners to collaborate and has positive effects on sales. Antoris is here to help you connect with the candidates by presenting original content illustrating the spirit of the company and the profile of people that would best fit in the working environment. Our company offers you variety of marketing presentations of your brand through the following services:

Branding of job ads

Potential candidates during the recruitment process would like to know as much as possible about the working environment, the company culture, attitudes towards employees, future co-workers etc. A combination of all these factors defines employers’ brand which has strong impact on candidates’ final decision. For these reasons employers who invest in their brands have a powerful tool to identify, attract and retain the most suitable candidates for their organizations. Through brand promotion employers will have a strong influence over potential candidates and opportunities offered.

The value of brand promotion throughout the application process should not be underestimated. Job ads are very important but unfortunately often their structuring and creation is underestimated. The first impression of the company’s culture a candidate receives is reflected in a job ad.
Each consecutive step in this process is an opportunity for an organization to present itself and its brand, and every candidate that comes into contact is a potential brand ambassador. For the candidates this represents a platform through which they can obtain relevant information that will help them determine whether they can integrate in the company.

Instead of attempting to attract a greater number of candidates the focus should be directed at areas that will enable to draw a multitude of talents. Greater efforts should be made in creation of texts with which the right candidates can identify themselves. From the text, photos, all the way to the colours and logo, the application should reflect accurately the company’s culture and attributes that make its employees feel appreciated and fulfilled by the everyday duties and activities.

The more general the ad description is the greater the number of non-relevant applications it will produce. Originality of content is the most efficient way to present the company’s culture and attract the right candidates.

An application with carefully structured design and ease of use will increase the appeal with the candidates. The company should proudly and confidently present its employees through the ad. It should give them the opportunity to not just be simple employees but also brand ambassadors.

Employee recommendations are also a great way to scout new talents. Employees should be regularly informed when vacant position arises so they can share on their social networks and attract industry specific and highly qualified candidates.

Our team can create a talent recruiting marketing campaign that will include creation of video interviews with employees, a completed application along with text and photos from which a micro internet site can be created that will show potential candidates the work environment and what it is like to work for the company. Authenticity and originality is very important as audio visual messages have significant influence on candidates’ ability to obtaining accurate understanding of the company’s working environment.

Antoris Golden Catalogue

Companies and organizations face significant challenges when attracting new candidates, business partners and consumers. In the era of information technology boom the print media as a source of information has become a thing of the past. More people turn to the internet as an exclusive source of information on businesses, employment, and industry and market conditions.

For the purpose of brand marketing promotion, Antoris created the ‘Antoris Golden Catalogue’. The catalogue is an extensive online based business directory platform consisting of addresses and phone contacts through which candidates, business partners and consumers can connect, promote and collaborate. It provides the users a dynamic communication environment in which they can quickly and efficiently source the right industry partners, promote their brand and further grow their businesses.

Basic Business Profile – Be Found

Being easily found is a starting point for a successful business. We support your business by providing you the opportunity of free profile creation of your brand in our ‘Golden Catalogue’ accessible to everyone interested.

The Basic Business Profile is an ideal tool for entrepreneurs, start-ups as well as small and medium size enterprises looking to promote their business and grabbing the attention of a wider audience. With the Basic Profile in Antoris’ ‘Golden Catalogue’ our clients can find it easier to attract new customers, seek new investors or find the most qualified candidates for their teams.

Listing your business in online directories is the best and easiest way to be noticed among the multitude of enterprises that already exist. If your business is not present in all you will be missing out on opportunities. It is crucial therefore to open and create a business profile in as many directories as possible. Our extensive directory gives our clients the opportunity to be found, present their business in the best possible way to a wide audience, as well as establishing contacts and collaboration with potential candidates, business partners and clients. Our goal is through Antoris’ directory to make you and your business part of our world – one community.

Premium Business Profile

Being present in online directories is the first step to be found over the internet. The competition in this segment has never been greater and businesses are constantly competing amongst themselves in grabbing peoples’ attention.

Almost all established businesses are present in at least one directory and they use this method to promote themselves. The users of these directories however of the many companies listed in these directories decide to look-up additional information only on few and skip the rest. What attracts and retains the interest of the users? It is the brand recognition, uniqueness and character. In the online directories it is the corporate internet pages that instil confidence and security that time spent going through them is well spent.

With the help of ‘Antoris’ you can strengthen your company’s brand and identity. ‘Be recognizable’ is a goal that needs to be achieved in order to be successful in business. Invest in building up your basic profile to a premium containing information on your company, its recognizable logo, and links through which users can connect with you and obtain greater input into your business. On your premium profile users and viewers from a wide auditorium can find detailed information on your products and services, what kind of employers you are as well as information that could not be presented through the basic profile.

On the premium profile you can accent the qualities that set your company apart from the competitors and make it a unique and desirable place to work in and collaborate. You can unite all your communication channels into a unique, valuable and strategically managed company identity in the digital space. Create content that will support users demands, values and goals, and to those who follow your application procedure give them useful information that they may deem valuable to share. In return you will receive numerous partners and candidates that believe in your work, mission and achievement of set goals.

Branded employer

Investing in your brand as an employer is a powerful way to identify, attract and retain the most suitable candidates for your business. Through promotion of your values as an employer you can achieve greater influence over potential candidates and opportunities offered. ‘Antoris’ provides you with the opportunity to create a complete company profile that resembles a mini website containing all relevant information for the users. Through your profile you are not only reaching out to the users who search through your products and services but also to talented applicants who daily register in Antoris’ database and might in future become your brand ambassadors. Unique and professionally designed profile is your opportunity to grab someone’s attention and leave good first impression. In addition to relevant information on your brand and company, through your profile you can proudly and confidently present your employees. Give them the opportunity to proudly share your company’s values and become your brand ambassadors and motivate many talented professionals to want to become part of your company.

Branding Campaign

An effective employer branding that can improve image and achieve a desirable brand positioning is a combination of market research, consulting and communication and strategic marketing. If you do not have or you want to build up an existing marketing campaign ‘Antoris’ can provide the best solutions to satisfy your needs. Authenticity is crucial for branding because it gives a clear image and message from visual perspective for potential collaboration to members of the business community. Your brand is the first thing that people relate to when reading or hearing your company’s name. It represents your basic values, competences, what makes you special. Your brand includes your company, products and services you offer as well as the image you would like to portray as an employer. It is important to think of branding as living with a set of constant values that are critical in creating an identity. Choose the values that you will be proud of, toward which you strive to develop and achieve. Based on them our team can create a complete marketing campaign. The branding campaign is a cyclical process which includes constant performance measurement and adjustment of activities and strategies to achieve a continuous improvement of achieved results.

It is very important not to omit employee recommendation as an efficient way of achieving new collaboration.

The branding process starts by pointing out your unique qualities as employer and the qualities of the offered position. These characteristics of your company can be used to promote your brand as energetic and attractive to potential candidates. Through attraction and retention of the most talented candidates you can achieve the main goal of your employer branding process which is stimulating business growth and achieving strategic targets.

Employer branding will give you an opportunity to present and improve your image and brand positioning by committing to quality and dedication towards your employees. There are many who decide to create their own business ventures or start-ups, but few stand out from the crowd that can manage to create a recognizable brand. The people who decide to invest time and energy into creation of their own brand are the ones who have the greater chance of succeeding.