Staff Selection And Recruitment System

We work and grow together

We offer outsourcing of complete administrative processes and services of employment and human resources of companies. These services include managing recruitment and selection, termination of contracts, mediating in crisis situations, project implementation support etc. We take on the burden of managing employee related administrative processes and simplify operational activities and reduce expenses for our clients.

Antoris HR solutions and admin support (Outsourcing)

Antoris assists with recruitment and employment of staff for various activities and needs of the clients that are registered on our payroll. Antoris’s outsourcing solutions include: structuring and organization of administration departments, car rentals, insurance, IT solutions and mobile packages, travel arrangements etc. Our solutions enable flexibility of operation for our clients.

Promotions and Events

With years of experience and possessing one of the largest database of event staff, promoters, we help and organize conferences and promotional events for our clients. Our services range from selection and training of our client’s promotional team, planning and coordinating of all event activities, to presentation and analysis of achieved results of the organized activities and events.

Try then hire (Staffing)

The “Try then hire” service entails recruitment and administrative duties of candidates who work for the client but are employed at Antoris for a designated period. Upon completion of the said period the client has the opportunity to employ the person. This is one of the most efficient way to mobilize human capital for specific time constraint projects, seasonal fluctuations in operations when additional staff is needed, sudden illnesses, maternity leaves etc. Through this service Antoris can supply qualified and tested staff that will enable uninterrupted flow of the clients’ work processes.


Antoris provided guidance and smooth transitioning of employees to other employers. Dedicated career mentors provide professional support to individuals and groups, maintaining their motivation and high productivity, directing and assisting in finding new employment related to qualification obtained. During such procedures our company assists the transitioning employees to approach this shift in a constructive way, and the remaining employees to maintain their productivity, dedication and focus on the job.

Processing salaries and administrative work related to employees (Outstaffing)

We offer our clients to transfer part or complete administration of employee obligations by migrating its employees on Antoris’s payroll. Through this service Antoris takes on the obligation of tax calculations, administering of employees, compliance with labour and other legal requirements etc.

Managing employees compensation and consulting on HR administration and management (Payroll)

Managing employees’ payroll – Antoris provides its clients quick and accurate process of salary calculations, calculation of payments related to taxes and contributions as well as timely payment of employees’ compensations. Additionally this system enables calculations of payments related to annual leave, sick leave, absence from work, non-compensated leaves of absence etc. Our clients will receive notifications of all legal changes that might occur that are related to salary calculations as well as notifications of implementation of such changes to our software.

Consulting related to income tax – our team of experts will inform and will explain the processes related to income tax and will answer all queries regarding taxes related to calculating employees’ salaries.

Managing human resources – we offer our clients support with employee registration and de-registration with the mandatory pension and health insurance, as well as with the process of employing foreign citizens. We organize consulting and training of employees regarding regulations covering human resource management.

Consulting related to labour law – we provide our clients expert consultations, assistance and counselling related to compliance and harmonization with the requirements mandated by the labour law.

We work at your place for you – with this service an employee of Antoris will be relocated to our client’s offices providing him/her direct contact with the employees as well as being at our client’s disposal. This will enable timely completion of tasks related with administration and recruitment of candidates. This business model enables the clients’ greater flexibility and optimization of expenses.